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When coming to Saaremaa by car, you can have a relaxing break on the ferry that takes you from Virtsu to Kuivastu harbor in only 27 minutes. On the ferry you can enjoy a hot meal or get a breath of fresh sea air while watching Saaremaa getting closer and closer.


If you would like to spend your travel time on getting some work done or having a nap, a bus is the option for you. Comfortable buses connect Kuressaare to bigger towns several times a day.


The plane will take you from Tallinn to Kuressaare in only 40 minutes twice a day – this is the fastest and most comfortable way to Saaremaa if you come for a business meeting.

Visit Saaremaa

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Osaühing Kadastiku Õunaaed




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Saaremaa is the biggest island of Estonia and the 4th in the Baltic Sea – with area of 2,922.19 km2 and coastline of almost 1300 km. There are 33,307 inhabitants (2017) which puts Saaremaa on the 9th place in the Baltic Sea. Together with the small surrounding islands Saaremaa is part of Saaremaa municipality and Saare county. The people of Saaremaa are hardworking, active and welcoming, and at the same time just a bit conservative – all of that gives Saaremaa its own feeling.


The life on Saaremaa follows its own rhythm. From the island you can find at the same time swamps, sea, forests and more sun than anywhere else in Estonia. Old and new are side by side on Saaremaa. There are thousands of kilometers of stone fences scattered across the island that speak of the hard working islanders. Summers are full of life and activities, autumn and winter offer peace and quiet for more time for family, friends and hobbies. There are all sorts of cultural events happening all year round and it is difficult to find an empty weekend with nothing to do. Tule elama