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425 €

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Through your contribution you will help to raise awareness to the origin of the explorer of Antarctica and will pay tribute to a great man admiral von Bellingshausen. To celebrate 200 years from the expedition it would be an honourable thing to build a monument to Kuressaare. By donating you’ll be part in its creation. If enough money is collected, we are hoping to open the monument already in 2020 for Kuressaare Maritime Days.

Estimated cost of the monument is 120 000 euros of which the Estonian Ministry of Culture contributes 30 000 and Saaremaa Municipality contributes equivalent sum.

A separate bank account for the support of Fast Ice monument is opened by NGO Saaremaa Maritime Culture Society in SEB bank account: EE361010220274860228.

Responsible authority of the collected personal data: 

  • NGO Saaremaa Maritime Culture Society
  • Registration code: 80009891
  • Address: Garnisoni Street 16a, Kuressaare, Saaremaa Parish, Saaremaa, 93815. 
  • Phone: +372 459 9822
  • E-mail: